Rydal family cabinet business finds success in craftsmanship
by Matt Shinall
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Mike Scoggins, right, and son Tyler Scoggins, of Scoggins Custom Cabinets, build a custom piece of cabinetry at the company’s Rydal location.
MATT SHINALL/The Daily Tribune News
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With the fourth generation of cabinet makers learning the trade, Scoggins Custom Cabinets in Rydal continues to pride itself in quality after more than 30 years in business and many more years in family carpentry.

Brothers Mike and Myron Scoggins now own and operate the company with help from Tyler Scoggins, son of Mike. Scoggins Cabinets began in a basement before expanding into a bustling family enterprise, which for those doing the work has become a passion.

"We grew up working for our dad. I guess we've just got sawdust in our blood -- I know we've got it in our lungs," said Mike Scoggins with a laugh. "My dad started making cabinets in the basement and I just grew to love it. I love building things.

"My grandfather, Rev. Weldon Scoggins, was a carpenter. It started off in the carpentry business then my dad, Harry Scoggins, moved into the construction and cabinet business. We grew up in it -- building wooden guns and dog houses and tree houses with the scraps."

In 1973, Mike Scoggins was studying to be a pharmacist when he had to leave college to support his family after his father suffered an injury. Mike wound up with the city of Cartersville Fire Department where he retired after 35 years. His brother soon followed and the two continued carpentry throughout their careers.

At first, the Scoggins built homes, including the cabinets, but instead decided to concentrate on custom designed and built cabinetry. They do, however, continue to build a variety of carpentry projects beyond what the company name suggests, including recently a bar and a wooden bicycle rack.

Scoggins Custom Cabinets serves all of north Georgia and metro Atlanta but has been as far as Florida. During the housing boom, they were installing three to four cabinet sets a week. Work has slowed, averaging now about one or two sets a week, but there is still work to be done -- a fact Mike Scoggins is grateful for.

"When we were really busy during the boom, we were working right here locally but now you got to spread out a little bit more, go a little bit further. That's just the nature of the economy. You've got to go where the jobs are," he said. "Things got slow but we've never been out of work.

"I just feel so blessed that the Lord has taken care of us on this, keeping us with work. We try to do honest work, good work and people really appreciate that."

Handcrafting each piece to custom fit the client's needs, Scoggins Cabinets starts with raw wood for each project. Office Manager and Designer Gail Smith works with customers to design the cabinetry using software to create a 3D rendering. Mockups can be made to simulate different color options and hardware. The process averages about four weeks from conception to installation.

In 2002, Scoggins Custom Cabinets moved into their current location, a 5,500 square foot building at 4131 Highway 411 in Rydal. For more information, call 770-386-8991 or email scogginscustomcabinets@yahoo.com.