Officer's shoulder dislodged in struggle
by Staff Report
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As he attempted to intervene in a domestic dispute Thursday afternoon, an officer’s shoulder was dislodged as he fought with the suspect.

The Cartersville officer was conducting traffic enforcement at the intersection of Etowah Drive and Lee Street when a man driving a gold minivan, later identified as Daniel Hunter, stopped in the road in front of the officer. Hunter reportedly said, “You can’t park there. That’s private property. You [expletive] cops think you can park anywhere.”

According to the incident report, the officer attempted to explain he was sitting in a vacant lot in the city right of way, but Hunter drove to a driveway next door and parked. Hunter reportedly yelled at the officer, asking if he was allowed to park there, and went inside.

Roughly 10 minutes later a woman ran out of the house toward the officer, with Hunter behind her. The officer called for backup as he got out of his vehicle.

The victim, who the officer noted was crying, told the officer not to let Hunter leave with her vehicle. Hunter was yelling at the victim before saying he was going to leave. The officer told Hunter not to leave, but he did not comply. Hunter attempted to leave in the van, but the officer opened the door, while holding his pepper spray, and told Hunter not to leave. Hunter said he did not want to hurt the officer. The officer said he did not want to hurt Hunter, adding he needed to calm down. Hunter then allegedly ran toward the house and tried to go inside.

According to the report, the officer chased Hunter and caught up to him at the doorway. The officer wrapped his arms around Hunter and tried to take him to the ground. However, the two men reportedly fell through the doorway, landing on a couch. The men rolled off the couch and at that point the officer’s shoulder dislocated.

Hunter ended up on top of the officer, pinning him to the ground by restraining the officer’s hand holding the pepper spray and keeping a hand on the officer’s chest. According to the report, the officer could not use his pepper spray as it was turned backwards in his hand.

Hunter reportedly said, “I don’t want to hurt you, but I will,” and “You not gonna [expletive] spray me.”

The officer was able to use his knee to move Hunter away from him before Hunter got up and ran out of the house. The officer pursued Hunter, and once he was outside he saw the victim swing what looked like a metal baseball bat at Hunter as he ran away.

Hunter allegedly fled across the street toward Boatner Avenue. As the officer pursued Hunter he realized his shoulder was still dislocated and he could not get it back in place. Hunter turned behind an Etowah Drive residence and cut behind a barn. As the officer continued his pursuit he was able to relocate his shoulder.

A witness told the officer Hunter was hiding behind a Ridgeview Drive residence and the officer found him hiding in a bush.

The officer held Hunter at gunpoint as he waited for backup and told Hunter to lay on the ground, which he did. Hunter was placed in handcuffs and taken into custody. The officer later interviewed the victim, who said Hunter came home angry because he had been accused of stealing a wallet. During an argument, Hunter allegedly looked out the window and said, “You better be glad that cop is still sitting out there or I’d [expletive] you up.” The victim also said Hunter threatened to kill her.

The victim added she had grabbed a baseball bat while Hunter and the officer were fighting. She said she charged at Hunter and when he saw her with the bat he got up and ran away.

Hunter was charged with simple battery, obstruction of officers by force and terroristic threats under the Family Violence Act. He was later transported to the Bartow County Jail.

Man arrested at Wal-Mart for public indecency

A man seen inappropriately touching himself in front of a juvenile was arrested at Wal-Mart Thursday night.

According to the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office incident report, the store’s loss prevention team saw a man wearing a white T-shirt, later identified as Matthew Gonzalez, masturbating in the presence of a juvenile. Loss prevention had Gonzalez in custody when the deputy arrived on scene.

Security footage reportedly showed Gonzalez putting his hand in his pants and appear to masturbate in the presence of a juvenile as he looked at her. Gonzalez would quit touching himself when the juvenile looked at him, according to the report. Gonzalez turned around several times and then walked in front of the juvenile and again appeared to masturbate. He reportedly made three passes around the juvenile, touching himself each time.

The juvenile and her grandmother walked away from Gonzalez at one point, according to the report, but he appeared to follow them through the store.

Gonzalez was arrested and charged with child molestation, stalking and criminal trespass. He was transported to the Bartow County Jail without incident.

Multiple storage units burglarized

Nine storage units were broken into early Thursday morning, with approximately $2,855 worth of items stolen.

A City Self-Storage employee arrived later that morning and drove through the area to ensure nothing was out of place. When she saw the doors open on a number of units, she called police.

A Cartersville officer responded to the scene and asked the employee to contact each victim so they could determine what had been stolen. Security footage showed the suspects entering the area at approximately 5:25 a.m. and leaving at 5:54 a.m. The vehicle appeared to be a dark-colored minivan.

Among the stolen items was a safe containing personal information and tax documents, two televisions, a four-wheeler, a barber chair, barber clippers and four pairs of Jordan sneakers. Locks on the nine units appeared to have been cut.