Man tries to buy car with Bloomberg's license
by Staff Report
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While attempting to purchase a 2012 Chevrolet Cruze from a local dealership, one man used former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s driver’s license.

The dealership owner said he received a call from a Jeff Morgan, who lived in Washington state according to the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office incident report. Morgan said he was interested in buying the Cruze.

On Saturday, the owner said he received three payments from three different credit cards that totaled $13,000. Morgan called Monday, according to the report, and made a final payment with a fourth card of $4,500. Morgan also said he wanted the Cruze shipped to 500 Jersey Ave., New Brunswick, N.J., according to the report.

When the owner said he needed photo identification from Morgan, the suspect allegedly faxed over a New York driver’s license. It was reportedly a copy of Bloomberg’s license, with only the name changed.

Because of the fake license, the dealership owner looked into the four credit cards and found they were stolen and the photo copies he received were fake.

A BCSO deputy took the copies of the receipts as well as copies of the IDs.