Lowry works to expand Emerson through ethics, fairness
by By Jason Lowrey, jason.lowrey@daily-tribune.com
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As the newest member of the Emerson City Council, Charles Lowry has worked to ensure that all of his decisions, and the council’s decisions, are as fair as possible while serving the city’s greater interests. In one instance, when the city council was considering the increase to Emerson’s millage rate, Lowry said he did not like the idea, but he realized it was best for the city.

“I hate it. I hate taxes, but I'm going to try and balance this budget ... That's what I was elected to do, is represent everybody,” he said. “You guys might throw me out of the neighborhood, and I'll take it, but I'm going to support the city and try and do the job I was elected to do.”

Lowry credits his experience of being the son of a single parent, his faith and his background as a Navy pilot for his strong moral standings. He looks forward to serving Emerson’s citizens for as long as they support him.

Name: Charles F. Lowry

Occupation: Retired — United States Navy (6 years active, 16 reserve)

Delta Airlines (31 years)

Residence: Emerson

Family: Wife, Barbara

Two sons, Christopher and Benjamin

Three grandchildren, Cameron, Reid and Charliegh

Education: High School — Dodge City, Kan. (1961)

College — University of Kansas (1962-1966)

B.S. in Business Administration

Minor in Accounting

Naval Aviation Flight Training (1966-1968)

Why did you decide to run for city council in Emerson?

A: Barbara and I moved to Cartersville in 1990 and to Emerson in 2008. At the time I knew very little about Emerson or what was going on in our small city. I was appointed to Emerson’s Planning & Zoning Committee.

I felt that the mayor and city council had volunteer resources at their disposal, including the planning and zoning committee, that were underutilized.

I also felt that there could be more transparency regarding communications with Emerson citizens and within city government itself.

Having been in leadership positions for many years, I believed I had something to offer to my city. I decided to run for Emerson City Council and am very grateful for the support of the citizens of Emerson for allowing me to serve.

Do you have any major goals you want to achieve while on the council?

A: Absolutely! Emerson’s goal should be to facilitate SMART growth.

Smart growth is planned and controlled with a well thought out vision of where a city wants to go in the long term. We need a methodical approach to Emerson’s growth. Each citizen of Emerson should benefit from the smart growth that we might soon experience. Lake Point has promised to give preferential review in hiring to local applicants. Our goal is for us to ensure they meet this promise. Every other commercial entity coming to Emerson should be held to this same commitment.

What do you enjoy most about serving on the council? 

A: The most enjoyable aspect of serving on Emerson’s City Council is helping to make good, intelligent, common sense decisions that will have a strong positive influence on the bright future of our city of Emerson.

You once talked about your background as a pilot. How did you become interested in flying?

A: A good friend of mine introduced me to flying and it became a lifelong passion. I first flew solo in 1962, over 50 years ago. That interest led to a naval aviation career when my military obligation came along after college. Being a Navy fighter pilot sounded like something anyone would want to do. I did not realize then that I would later be landing on an aircraft carrier in the Gulf of Tonkin at 2 a.m. in the morning on a pitching deck in a rainstorm. I don’t remember at 21 years of age thinking of the possibility of getting shot at either. Lessons came quickly in the military to a young man from western Kansas. But, these lessons came easy as they were wrapped up in the joy experienced while flying.

What is your greatest achievement?

A: After all of life’s lessons and experiences, I know my greatest achievement has been raising (with help) two sons that both received a good education and have become moral and ethical men.

Do you have a personal philosophy?

A: Yes! Dedication to God, family and country. I grew up in a single parent household where my mother instilled a work ethic in me that has lasted my entire lifetime. I learned by example that faith, perseverance, hard work and love are values that lead to life’s true rewards. I am blessed!