Loudermilk returns home with traveling seminar
by Matt Shinall
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State Sen. Barry Loudermilk, R-Cassville, presents an educational seminar entitled Foundations of Freedom, Saturday at Cassville Baptist Church.
MATT SHINALL/The Daily Tribune News
State Sen. Barry Loudermilk, R-Cassville, presents an educational seminar entitled Foundations of Freedom, Saturday at Cassville Baptist Church. MATT SHINALL/The Daily Tribune News
Speaking in communities across the Southeast, State Sen. Barry Loudermilk returned home to Cassville for a presentation of the historical seminar that has kept him and his family on the road for the past year.

Having now given the presentation between 15 and 20 times to churches and civic organizations across Georgia and surrounding states, Loudermilk was pleased to bring the message to a Bartow County audience over the weekend. Loudermilk presented "Foundations of Freedom" Saturday to a crowd at Cassville Baptist Church gathered to learn about America's founding documents and how the authors were inspired by faith.

"It's title is 'Foundations of Freedom' and we build upon the analogy of building a house. Before you build a building, you have to have three things in place before you can lay the first brick or drive the first nail. You have to have the right kind of soil on which you're going to build the building, you have to have the blueprint or a design, then you have to lay the foundation. Building a government is the same way," Loudermilk said.

Dissecting key terms and phrases from the documents building America's foundation, Loudermilk created his presentation after the inspiration to find the meaning of words as they were intended. With time, definitions and usage change as language evolves. With that thought, Loudermilk set out to educate others what the founding fathers meant with the choice of their words in the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

"I've been speaking on American history for many years and I was on my way back from Washington D.C. where I had been testifying before Congress back in 2010 and I was reading over the Constitution because I was going to speak on it at a church in the next couple of weeks and when I started reading it I started thinking, 'Do we really know what these terms mean?' Or, 'What did they mean to the founding fathers," asked Loudermilk. "Thomas Jefferson, when he was asked about certain words that he used, he said he chose his words very carefully when he drafted the Declaration because he said they expressed the way the founders felt and what they believed. With that in mind, I was reading through the Declaration and came across terms like: powers of the earth, the laws of nature and of nature's God, unalienable. And I started wondering, what did those terms mean during the Colonial period? How were they defined then?"

In Loudermilk's address, after redefining several key terms, he speaks on the issue referred to in his analogy as the "soil," which undergirds the foundation. He defines this quality as the nation's heritage.

"The other aspect is heritage over history, we study history -- at least they used to -- but we've lost heritage. History asks or defines what, when and who. Heritage asks the question, why." Loudermilk said. "It doesn't matter how strong the foundation is, if the soil is eroded the whole building can move."

Through the seminar, Loudermilk links this heritage to the Christian faith of the country's founding fathers. With help from his daughter Christiana, Loudermilk ends his presentation with a charge to those present. He encourages Americans to return to their Christian heritage, a message his host Saturday was able to fully appreciate.

"The importance of it is first of all to let our congregation and our community know the importance of our founding fathers and how they had a strong faith and biblical basis for all that they did," said Cassville Baptist Church Pastor Mark Somers. "And then, it's important to get that word out, to let other people know that they had a strong faith and therefore we should have that same strong faith and not be ashamed to stand up."

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