Ledbetter wins Downtown Cartersville Selfie Scavenger Hunt
by Marie Nesmith
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With a total of 87 points, Christy Ledbetter won the Cartersville Downtown Development Authority’s debut Selfie Scavenger Hunt.

During the contest, participants took self-portrait images at designated locations around the city from April 25 to May 2. The Cartersville resident completed 41 of the 54 challenges, enabling her to capture the top prize of a $100 Visa gift card.

“I entered the selfie challenge because I love a good scavenger hunt and thought I had potential to be successful with a downtown Cartersville one,” Ledbetter said. “After I received the list of the actual [photo challenges], I knew I was going for the prize. I knew most of the downtown shops and restaurants but some of the historical ones stumped me. I thoroughly enjoyed researching which buildings were the old post office, oldest courthouse and so forth.

“I was thrilled when I received the email that I had won the contest. I have never won anything and who doesn’t need an extra $100? I was taught growing up that you have to work for what you have and things are not just given to you. This contest was a good example of hard work paying off. You couldn’t just walk around aimlessly one afternoon and do photos, it certainly took some planning.”

Based on the level of difficulty, challenges were assigned point values ranging from one to five. With more than 50 locations selected, challenges featured a wide cross section of downtown Cartersville, such as museums, boutiques and restaurants. Photo challenges ranged from simple tasks like taking a photo with one’s pet at Friendship Plaza to more difficult feats, such as capturing a selfie pointing at the downtown depot’s bullet hole from an 1864 Civil War attack.

“The winner completed 41 of the 54 challenges, which really over exceeded our expectations,” said Catherine Woods, special events coordinator for the Cartersville DDA. “... I think she got almost all of the one-point values, which were for instance taking a picture next to the bull at Findley’s Butcher Shop, one in front of the oldest outdoor Coca-Cola advertisement in the world.

“... She took a selfie with Mona the Cow at Coconuts. She had a five-pointer that probably put her over the edge, [which was] a selfie with Mayor Matt Santini.”

Based on the response from the first Downtown Cartersville Selfie Scavenger Hunt, Woods found it to be a fun, educational way to celebrate May’s National Historic Preservation Month.

“The purpose was just to get people in and around downtown Cartersville,” Woods said. “A lot of the challenges probably took you to a place that maybe you hadn’t been before or maybe something that you didn’t know about our downtown, maybe something historic or maybe something you didn’t realize that a business carried. ... I definitely think it helped [highlight historic aspects of downtown Cartersville]. I found out a few things that I was not aware of as well. I’ve only been here since January, but I was able to find out a little bit of history about what the oldest courthouse was in downtown Cartersville or what used to be the old post office, which I think a lot of people probably would not know without consulting the [Bartow] History Museum or coming by and talking to us here at The Welcome Center.

“... [One of the challenges was] a photo in front of the oldest building in downtown Cartersville, which I had always thought was the depot and it was actually the original sanctuary at the First Presbyterian Church. So that was one that we had a lot of people come in asking us about, which they weren’t 100 percent sure. We also had several [challenges] that were in the Bartow History Museum, [because] we felt like that would get people in there and maybe learn a little bit more about Bartow County and Cartersville that they may not have known.”

With the contest’s main intent to highlight the business district, Woods said it enabled participants to reacquaint themselves with or discover something new about the downtown merchants.

“I hope that they would find out something about downtown Cartersville that they didn’t know before ... maybe find out about a new restaurant that had something that they didn’t know was on the menu or a shop downtown that might have been the first time they walked in the door because of this selfie contest,” Woods said.

To view photos from the Selfie Scavenger Hunt, including some of Ledbetter’s images, visit www.facebook.com/cartersvilledowntown.