Financial tax identity fraud cases discovered
by Staff Report
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On Thursday, the Bartow County Sheriff's Office was contacted regarding three incidents of identity theft -- all discovered while the individual was filing for tax returns.

According to one man, he was advised by H&R Block that his return was rejected since another was already filed in his name. Likewise, two other men discovered someone had filed for a tax refund under their names.

A woman also reported that she filed her 2011 taxes and was told by IRS that her check was mailed. On Thursday she received an internal IRS claims form and a copy of the check but did not receive the check. The signature on the copy did not match her own signature. This woman believes the check was stolen from her mailbox.

Man claims residence of house -- woman resident says otherwise

A woman called 911 after a man began beating on the front door of her Cartersville residence Friday morning around midnight.

A Cartersville police officer arrived at the scene and asked the man why he was beating on the door. The man claimed the following: that this was his residence, his girlfriend inside had locked him out, and that he only wanted his keys out of the residence.

The officer asked the woman if she knew the man -- she said she never saw him before and she was scared because of his yelling and beating on the door. The man told the officer that his keys and wallet were in the closet of the master bedroom.

After asking permission of the woman, the officer checked the residence and was unable to find the keys, wallet or any item that would indicate a man lived in the residence.

The man did not know the address of the residence he was at and was unable to prove he lived there. The officer placed him under arrest for disorderly conduct. The man was transported to jail.

911 call for a ride leads to an arrest for possession instead

Around 1:13 a.m. Friday a deputy was sent to a pay phone in Cartersville to conduct a welfare check on a male who had called 911 several times.

When the deputy arrived on the scene, the man was told to turn around and keep his hands out of his pockets. The man threw down a bottle and hung up the phone.

According to dispatch, during one phone call the man said he was left in the rain by some friends because they did not want to be around him. During another 911 call he said his vehicle broke down and he needed help. The man told the deputy he was looking for a ride home to Taylorsville.

The deputy observed that the man could not keep still or his balance. The man's speech was slurred and his breath smelled of an alcoholic beverage. The bottle he threw to the ground was a pint size bottle of vodka. A syringe was found wrapped in a cheese cloth material laying on the top of the pay phone along with papers belonging to the man. The man claimed the syringe was not his. The deputy found several plastic bags with the man which contained a small digital scale and a small metal disc with burn marks.

The man was arrested for disorderly conduct. While at the jail, his urine tested positive for methamphetamines and other amphetamines. He was charged with possession of meth by ingestion and drug related objects.