Euharlee discusses plans for sewer system
by Jason Lowrey
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Construction on Euharlee's sewer system will not start for five years, as it could take Bartow County that long to gather funding, said Planning and Zoning Administrator Ron Goss during the council's called meeting Tuesday night.

"When the citizens of Bartow County approved that [the sewer agreement], they approved, basically, a joint venture between the city of Euharlee and the Bartow County Water Department to complete a sewer line started at the end of Euharlee Road, connect on to it and bring a main line all the way into Euharlee," Goss said.

"That is the main line," he continued. "It is the foundation for the future availability of sewer. It's the hardest part. The challenge with that is it is a joint venture, which means that we have to wait on the county water department to get their funding together."

The meeting was called to discuss a number of contracts for Joe Cowan Park, but after Goss discussed the need to finish certain parts of the septic system the council asked if the park could be connected to the planned sewer system.

Goss said such a connection was a possibility, but it would depend on where the sewer system ran and if the park's septic system was still working well in five to 10 years.

The whole sewer project, Goss said, would have two basic components. The mains taking sewage into Cartersville, which would form one half of the system, while a second network of sewers running through Euharlee's downtown would form the system's second half. Under the agreement, Euharlee would pay for those mains.

Goss added that preplanning for such things as walking trails and sidewalks was very important, as the city would not want to tear up fresh pavement or concrete to install a sewer main.

Preston Gilgore of Peoples & Quigley, the engineering firm handling the plans, also emphasized the need for preplanning during the city's work session. He described a series of sewer lines that would run under land that, the firm believes, will see growth and construction in the future.

The plans also call for both the elementary and middle school to be tied into the system, which would make them one of the city's first customers.

"Those really need to be your first customers. Those are going to have the most flow and you need to have some flow," Gilgore said.

If the system does not have enough flow, the pump station will be unable to move it. That could cause the system to stink, Gilgore added.

Euharlee Police Chief Terry Harget had officer Greg McFadden step before the council to describe an incident that occurred the evening of July 13.

McFadden had checked in with an elderly resident at 1:30 p.m. that day as part of the city's senior checks. The checks call for officers to keep in somewhat regular contact with the senior citizens living in their patrol area, as a way to ensure their health and safety.

About 9:30 p.m., McFadden said, he heard an emergency call go out for Bartow County emergency medical services. They were being called to the same address McFadden had checked earlier in the day. He arrived at the address before EMS and, when no one answered the door, he kicked it in.

He found the resident back in her bedroom having multiple strokes. He provided as much medical care as possible until EMS arrived and, when asked, could tell the paramedics that she was having strokes on her right side. Her right hand was disabled and he had seen her using it to eat cantaloupe when he had checked in earlier.

"It sort of shook me up because I'd just checked in with her at 1:30 in the evening," McFadden said. "The best thing I can say about the senior checks is that it was an excellent idea of Chief Harget to come up with it."

During the called meeting, the council approved the following contracts:

* a contract with Johnny on the Spot to provide portable restrooms at Joe Cowan Park, in the sum of $45 a week;

* a contract with Susan Howard to provide a landscaping plan for Joe Cowan Park, in the sum of $500;

* to complete installation of Joe Cowan Park's septic system; and

* to complete installation of Joe Cowan Park's lights and electrical systems, for the sum listed in the 2009 bid.

Other business discussed during the work session included:

* hearing an update from Bart Shaw of Shaw Hankins on the city's health insurance renewal;

* hearing a request from Kristen Staines, of the Footprints on the Heart organization, to use the city library for a candlelight vigil in October;

* hearing an update from Jill Mitchell on the Haunted Euharlee Historic Ghost Walk;

* hearing a request from Harget to set a flat rate of $200 per trial for municipal judges; and

* hearing an update on the museum curator position from council member Sammy Carden;

* hearing from a citizen concerned about the speed limit on Covered Bridge Road being set at 35 mph.

The Euharlee City Council's next meeting is scheduled for Aug. 7 at 7 p.m. at city hall.