Cartersville mother-daughter duo now schoolmates at Medtech College
by Marie Nesmith
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Even though they are 20 years apart, Tracie Hardy-Banks and her daughter, Ebony Banks, find themselves schoolmates at Medtech College’s Marietta campus. This turn of events happened at the encouragement of Banks, who was enrolling in the Medical Assistant associate degree program.

“My daughter was going to [register ] ... for her MA classes [and] ... while she was there, we were all talking,” said Hardy-Banks, who is enrolled in the Medical Billing and Coding program. “And they kind of talked me into it because my girls are grown now and I don’t have anything to do, being a single mom and [having spent] a lot of time at the schools with my children [volunteering]. ... So it [seemed like a good] decision for me to go back to school to broaden my education.”

The Cartersville women are one of four mother-child teams enrolled at Medtech College’s Marietta campus.

“What makes the joint enrollment so interesting is when you see the role reversal — sometimes mom provides the support and encouragement and sometimes it is the child,” stated Medtech College Director of Career Services Julie Huckaby, RN, BSN, in a news release. “Often, there is healthy competition. But the most heartwarming event is when the pair graduates together, a shared milestone that will always be remembered.”

For Hardy-Banks, sharing this experience with her 20-year-old daughter is a unique and rewarding opportunity.

“I’ve gained a lot of respect for my daughter,” she said. “She’s extremely intelligent. She’s always made As her whole life. She has a full-time job as well and then she’s doing [volunteer work] at Cartersville Medical Center.

“... Right out of [high] school, she didn’t take a break. She went right into medical school, right into college, to do her MA so she could get on to her RN. So watching her develop in school and into the adult world, there’s no words for it. I’m just extremely proud to be there and to witness it hands on.”

Echoing Hardy-Banks’ comments, Banks also finds it inspiring to watch her mother set and reach new goals. Along with both attending Medtech College, the mother-daughter duo also commute together to the Marietta campus and often help one another with their studies.

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, Hardy-Banks considers herself blessed to have two intelligent, caring daughters.

“Mother’s Day to me is a gift from God,” Hardy-Banks said. “My children are my world. I love them and I’m very proud of them and I’m very proud to say that ‘I gave birth to Amber and Ebony,’ because they are some extraordinary females.

“They are very intelligent. They’re not trouble. They don’t cause me any heartache. They’re very respectful and I just love them. To me, being a mother ... the joy is unexplainable. There’s no words for it.”