Booth museum seeks student volunteers
by Marie Nesmith
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Student volunteers Victoria Hickom, from left, Darian Bishop, Jennifer Brewer, Ilya Layton and Khaleelah Bailey assist the Booth Western Art Museum’s part-time education assistant, Peggy Cline. Booth Western Art Museum/Special
Student volunteers Victoria Hickom, from left, Darian Bishop, Jennifer Brewer, Ilya Layton and Khaleelah Bailey assist the Booth Western Art Museum’s part-time education assistant, Peggy Cline. Booth Western Art Museum/Special
For Tara Currier, director of marketing for the Booth Western Art Museum, the venue's student volunteer programs are a win-win opportunity for all involved. Through the Jr. Volunteer and AV Volunteer offerings, students 14 and older can build their résumé by gaining hands-on experience at the Cartersville venue.

"The Booth Art Academy manager last year, Natalie Goodwin, came up with the Jr. Volunteer Program in its entirety," Currier said. "So she put it out there to students and had people come and actually help with the summer camps. So they went down to the Booth Art Academy and would help with the various projects for those camps, instructing the children to do painting or sculpting, just the various day-to-day activities that they do down there. Then from that Cheryl [Kennedy] decided to add the AV Jr. Volunteer [program], just to help [students] learn more about the video production and the audio that she deals with on a day-to-day basis here. We are fortunate enough to have a full TV studio and we do all of our own commercials in-house and our radio spots.

"So certainly there's a lot of students interested in that in our local high schools, so why not give them the opportunity to get some hands-on experience with some of this great equipment that we have here at the museum. And of course for each of those [programs], it's certainly a help to the people running the AV department or Booth Art Academy. So it's sort of a win-win for everyone. It's a great opportunity certainly for the students who are interested in either of these fields, working with art and certainly with children or working in the audio-visual profession to get the hands-on experience. And then it's just a great way for the Booth museum to get extra hands to assist with some of these programs."

To volunteer with these programs, students need to complete an application posted at Along with filling out the application, students will obtain a reference from an adult who is not related and select the programs they would like to assist.

While the AV offering will help archive events yearlong, participants of the Jr. Volunteer Program will bring aid to the Booth Art Academy's summer camps, thus the latter's forms will need to be returned by March 26.

"What my job is is to record and archive on videotape the lectures that we have here at the museum," Booth AV Manager Cheryl Kennedy said. "And we archive those in our library. So any of the lectures or any of the oral histories we do of the artists that come to visit, we record those and then keep them. So 100 years from now, people will be able to come into the library and check those out and get information. So a lot of people don't realize that we have this video equipment here in the building and a little TV studio in addition to the projectors and the PowerPoints and the different projects we do with photography and that kind of thing.

"So that's my responsibility here at the museum and I just wanted to encourage young people to maybe come and see what we do and have a part in that because I could use young people's input. Nowadays, the way kids are with producing videos themselves, we might could use their ideas, their new exciting ideas, for maybe helping us put video on the social media sites and, quite honestly, I could just use a hand. They can assist me with camera work, with editing, with helping me put together PowerPoints for lectures and really just input on how to better get the word out to kids of their age, maybe just a different approach to the museum world, maybe their idea for attracting another young person into the museum, [such as] putting something on Facebook."

Along with evening lectures, the volunteers also will be in demand during the Booth museum's public events, such as the Southeastern Cowboy Gathering and Southeastern Cowboy Festival and Symposium.

"There would be a lot of hands on, especially during our two big events of the year -- the one in the fall and the one coming up this weekend," Kennedy said. "A lot of times, I need students who would be comfortable running a soundboard or help with audio for a concert and that kind of thing.

"So it's very media heavy, like the media classes they may have in school where they run a camera or they learn how to run a soundboard or learn how to edit. They could come here and volunteer for a couple of hours a week or just for an event and get some different real-life experience."

For more information about the AV Volunteer Program, contact Kennedy at 770-607-6361 or Further details about the Jr. Volunteer offering can be obtained by calling or emailing Booth Art Academy Manager Kent Mullinax at 770-387-1553 or, respectively.