Arson suspected in carpet fire
by Staff Report
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Authorities are suspecting arson is the cause of a living room fire that burned carpet and melted blinds Wednesday night.

According to the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office incident report, a deputy was called to the residence at approximately 9 p.m. The victim said someone entered his home and burned a “large square of carpet in the living room of the residence,” according to the incident report.

The deputy found the burned area in the living room, a red lighter on the floor, melted blinds in the front window and black gloves on the stove. Shoe prints were found on the kitchen floor and back patio and an open gas can was outside the back door. The deputy also noted the dog door was missing from the door.

The investigation was turned over to the Bartow County fire marshal. A neighbor said he had been outside with his children that afternoon and he did not see any unusual activity or people on the property.

Two new homes vandalized

Two recently built houses were found vandalized Wednesday night when the builder arrived to check on them.

According to the BCSO incident report, the homes were located on Grand Georgian Court and were next door to each other. The first home was described as being “totally vandalized,” according to the report, as the front door had been kicked, the walls had holes in them and the deputy noted that “all the listed items were left inoperable except for maybe the kitchen cabinet with the granite countertop.” The victim said the countertop could be pushed back into place and could be re-grouted. The microwave door was also missing from the home, according to the report.

The victim believed two people were in the house as he found at least two different sets of footprints, according to the report. Every room in the house was damaged with the exception of the basement and the master bedroom, the victim said.

The house next door was damaged only in the entrance area, which the victim believed could point to the suspects being interrupted or becoming scared.

The victim valued the damage done to the first residence at approximately $7,125. However, he said that was an estimated value.

Pair arrested in control room, breaker box

While two people tried using a Cimbar control room and breaker box as shelter Wednesday morning, they were arrested.

A BCSO deputy was called to the business when a manager said he came to work that morning and found a GMC Safari sitting in the woods on Cimbar property. The van belonged to Christine Berrong and Edward Larry Berrong Jr., who were both listed in “several thefts,” according to the report.

When the deputy arrived, he searched the area and checked the buildings to see if he could locate anybody. When the deputy was unable to open the back door to the control room, he called in backup. After another deputy arrived, they entered the control room from another entrance and began a search. After hearing the sound of metal slamming together, such as a door, the deputies announced themselves and ordered the suspects to reveal themselves.

After calling for additional backup the deputies continued to announce their presence until a woman, identified as Christine Berrong, came out of hiding. She war arrested and the deputies cleared the room.

When asked, Christine Berrong said she was homeless and “just spending the night there,” according to the report. She said she did not know where Edward Berrong was located.

The deputy again searched the control room and then saw “a pair of brown boots inside a breaker box. I observed approximately 1/2 inch of skin above the boot tops, along with white socks,” according to the report. Though the deputy ordered the person to show themselves, he did not get a response.

Another deputy had to “violently jerk” on the breaker box’s door a number of times before it opened. Edward Berrong reportedly fell out of the breaker box and onto the floor. He then yelled that his shoulder hurt, according to the report.

Christine Berrong was charged with burglary, criminal trespass and possession of tools for the commission of crime. Edward Berrong was charged with burglary, criminal trespass and possession of tools for the commission of crime. They were both transported to the Bartow County Jail without incident.

Six vehicles entered off of Highway 20

Sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, vehicles at six homes in the area of Stonebridge Court were entered and rifled through. However, only one vehicle had missing property.

According to the Cartersville Police Department incident reports, three break-ins occurred on Stonebridge Court, while the other three were on White Oak Drive. The three victims on White Oak Drive and two victims on Stonebridge Court reported that nothing was missing from their vehicles.

One of the Stonebridge Court victims said his debit card was missing from his truck. Another person living at the home said a pair of Dr. Dre headphones, pair of Wallabe shoes, NorthFace jacket and three Under Armour shirts were missing from her vehicle. The total value of all the missing property was estimated at $685.

All the victims said their vehicles were unlocked during the night.