BCSO busts contraband ring
by Staff Report
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Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputies busted a ring planning to deliver contraband to county jail inmates.

Wednesday night, a group of deputies were investigating the area of Smiley Ingram Road and Ga. Highway 20 Spur for possible contraband, according to the incident report. At approximately 10 p.m., deputies saw a white truck drive past the Georgia State Patrol barracks at a high rate of speed. The vehicle then turned down Highway 20 Spur. When the deputies rechecked the area, they reportedly found a black plastic bag containing three packs of Bulgar tobacco and one lighter.

The contraband was collected and later turned into evidence.

Inmates Ricky Matthews and Jerry Crosby were interviewed at the jail, with both denying any knowledge of the contraband or who was involved. Inmate Charles Brock was also interviewed, according to the report, and he admitted to allegedly setting up the contraband dropped at the GSP barracks. Brock also confessed that his girlfriend Kristy McAlister did the drop and he used a phone in the maintenance department to contact her.

Brock then stated, according to the report, that a GSP trustee was to bring the contraband back into the Bartow County Jail and place it in a stairway leading up to the bridge.

The next day, Brock said, Matthews and Crosby were to take the contraband and get in a white van used to drop trustees off at their detail on the other side of the facility. After arriving at the job site, Matthews and Crosby were to deliver the contraband to Brock by throwing it over a fence behind the job site. According to the report, all inmates were to get a cut of the contraband.

Brock, Crosby and Matthews were placed on disciplinary lockdown at the jail and charged with conspiring to smuggle contraband into the guardlines.

A deputy later met with McAlister. According to the report, a white Ford truck was sitting in her driveway. He asked McAlister where she had been the night before between 8 p.m. and midnight. McAlister said she had been at home and never left the house. She also denied any knowledge of the incident.

McAlister was arrested and charged with delivery of contraband to an inmate. She was transported to the jail without incident.

Man punches, breaks truck mirror

A man was arrested Tuesday morning after he punched and broke the mirror on his wife’s truck.

According to the BCSO incident report, the victim arrived at a Wynn Loop residence with her mother-in-law to confront the suspect, later identified as Jesse Blake Wilbanks, about an accusation their daughter made. The victim said Wilbanks must have known they were coming as he was allegedly yelling at them when they pulled into the driveway.

The victim did not open the door due to his yelling and then Wilbanks allegedly punched the driver’s side mirror. The victim then called 911.

However, the victim said Wilbanks did not make any sort of contact with her.

The victim’s mother-in-law told the deputy she called Wilbanks and let him know they were coming to discuss their daughter’s accusations. The mother-in-law said Wilbanks sounded “very mad” over the phone. She said he did punch the truck’s door mirror and later walked back to the house until the police arrived.

Wilbanks said he was upset because the victim was telling lies about him. When the two arrived at the residence, he walked outside to talk with the victim. He asked her to step out of the truck, and when she did not, he said he punched the mirror.

Wilbanks was arrested and charged with criminal trespass under the Family Violence Act. He was transported to the jail without incident.

@Bodycopy center bold:<*p(0,0,0,11.7,0,0,g(P,S))>Intoxicated woman gives marijuana to officer

An intoxicated woman willingly gave her marijuana to a Cartersville officer Wednesday night.

The officer saw the woman sitting on a curb on Roosevelt Street during a patrol. According to the incident report, she was holding her head in her hands and was resting her arms on her knees. The officer asked if she could speak to him for a moment.

The woman, identified as Billie Bullins, said she was waiting for her boyfriend. When asked where he was, Bullins said he was in the residence behind her. The officer noted Bullins was heavily intoxicated as she was slurring her words and not responding with complete sentences.

When the officer asked if Bullins had any weapons or illegal substances, Bullins reportedly said, “Look, if I’m honest with you, will you be straight with me?”

The officer said she needed to be honest regardless and she would be treated fairly either way.

Bullins then said, according to the report, “Look, I got a little weed on me.”

The officer asked her to give him the marijuana and Bullins proceeded to check her jean pockets, but she could not find it. The marijuana was found in a jacket pocket and packaged in a small plastic bag.

When the officer placed her under arrest for possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce, Bullins allegedly shouted, “Come on man, give me a break.”

Bullins was transported to the Cartersville Police Department and later the county jail.