Woman found to have 10.5 grams of meth during search at jail

A Cartersville woman was left holding the bag early Wednesday morning, and that bag happened to be filled with 10.5 grams of methamphetamine.

According to a Cartersville police report, the meth was found during a strip search at the Bartow County Jail after she had already been arrested for having a glass pipe.

Jessica Lorraine Thrasher, 30, of Cartersville, was left in a gray Toyota Tacoma after the driver got out and fled during a traffic stop on Anderson St.

The Tacoma was spotted on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive with an inoperable taillight at around 4 a.m. Wednesday.

As of the time of the CPD report, the driver had not been identified or located.

Thrasher said she only knew the man who ran as Duck, and did not know who the car belonged to.

During a search of the car, a glass pipe containing suspected meth was found inside the ashtray underneath a white paper towel.

Thrasher was then arrested and asked if she had any contraband on her, and she said she did not.

Thrasher was transported to the Bartow County Jail. While she was being strip searched at the jail, the bag of meth was found.

The average street value for 10.5 grams of meth is around $840, according to the DEA’s estimate, although the value can vary greatly.

Thrasher was charged with possession of methamphetamine, crossing guard lines with drugs without consent of a warden or superintendent, possession of a drug-related object, probation violation and bondsman off bond.

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