Tellus’ Exploration Celebration on tap for Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, Tellus Science Museum’s staff looks to foster environmental stewards with its Exploration Celebration. Set for Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the event will be presented at the Cartersville venue, 100 Tellus Drive.

“We’re looking at just raising awareness for this fragile sphere that we live on,” said Cantey Smith, Tellus’ director of education. “I think we sometimes tend to think it will just keep on going no matter what we do. ... We just want folks to realize that our actions do make a difference.

“We’d like to think this [event] is good for learners of all ages. It’s, of course, free to members and for nonmembers it’s with regular admission. Throughout the day, there are a variety of different craft activities. We’re making baby trufulla trees and a Lorax mustache for everybody to wear. ... We actually have permission to play [Dr. Seuss’ ‘The Lorax’ movie] in the theater for the day.”

During the Earth Day Exploration Celebration, participants also will be able to create a corner bookmark using recycled materials; obtain a wildflower seed package — while supplies are available; visit the observatory for a solar viewing; and sign the Tellus Earth Day Pledge.

“As you go through and experience some of the activities, we’re just asking everyone to sign our banner — the Tellus Earth Day Pledge,” Smith said. “In essence, it’s a promise to protect the environment and just to work toward a healthier planet, whether that’s through recycling or just a more conscientious use of our water; what we throw away into our landfills’ what can we reuse; what can we upcycle.

“So all those things are things that we’ll be talking about for the day. We just hope everybody comes on out, because we really want everyone to work toward having a healthier planet.”

Opened in January 2009, the 120,000-square-foot museum, which welcomed its 1.5 millionth visitor in October, is comprised of four main spaces — Science in Motion, the Weinman Mineral Gallery, Fossil Gallery and the Collins Family My Big Backyard hands-on science gallery — a 120-seat digital planetarium and an

“We’ve done some [Earth Day-related] things over the years, not quite as high profile,” said Jose Santamaria, executive director of Tellus. “Earth Day is a date that floats around, so every year it’s a different day of the week. We’ve been pretty successful in the past couple of years doing some Saturday type of events.

“So since [Earth Day] fell on Saturday this year, we thought we’d pump it up a little bit. [We hope attendees take away] a little bit more appreciation of ecology and just the way the Earth works.”

For more information about the museum and its events and programs, call 770-606-5700 or visit

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