Cartersville Council observes Civic Youth Day

Cartersville City Clerk Meredith Ulmer, lower left, performs the swearing-in ceremony of participants in Civic Youth Day prior to the Cartersville City Council meeting Thursday morning at City Hall.
The Cartersville City Council held a rare morning meeting Thursday to accommodate Civic Youth Day, a statewide program that originated 61 years ago in Bartow County, as a way to educate high school students about the daily activities of local government.

The program, sponsored by the state YMCA and the Cartersville Optimist Club, offers students a chance to shadow government officials from Bartow County, the city of Adairsville and the city of Cartersville throughout the workday.

Those officials explain their job responsibilities — description of an average day, extra duties such as night meetings or emergencies, touring the facility — and try to involve the student in daily activities.

“The City of Cartersville is proud of this long-going tradition with the YMCA,” City Manager Sam Grove said. “Giving young adults the opportunity to learn more about their local government is both beneficial to them, as well as the community.”

After a second reading, council approved a rider to an ordinance that requires electric vehicle operators to pay to charge their vehicles at a City of Cartersville–owned electric vehicle charging station. The customer will be charged an initial flat rate for the first two hours. At the start of the third hour, a consumption driven charge will apply and if a customer stays connected for an extremely long time, the rate would escalate to a much higher rate until the daily maximum charge has been reached.

The council heard two first readings.

The first, Z17-01, was a zoning request for a project located in the Victoria Village subdivision on Old Mill Road between Terrell Drive and Henderson Drive. Prior to May 2006, several iterations of development and zoning conditions were discussed and adopted. However, in May 2006, final zoning conditions were adopted by City Council and a final plat for 96 residential lots was approved. Not long after that, the recession hit and the original developers abandoned the project.

The rezoning request seeks to modify condition No. 11 in zoning case Z06-02, that establishes  a maximum number of 96 residential units with 1,800 to 2,300 sq. ft. of floor area. The applicant wants to reduce the square footage from 1,800 to 1,500 for all undeveloped lots in order to provide a housing product that will appeal to older home buyers wishing to have one story homes. The existing homes are two stories.

Council also heard a first read from Tony Felshaw, who recently purchased Taylor Farm Supply including a lot at the northeast corner of Leake Street and S. Erwin Street that was originally a drive through banking center. For many years it has been used for outdoor staging and storage of various inventory and supplies, however  storage lots are not allowed in the Downtown Business District. Felshaw asked that the non-conforming use be expanded to include a garden center on the corner lot.

Phase 1 will include general clean-up, fence replacement and display and storage of garden product and supplies including, but not limited to, plants, bags of soil, soil amendments and mulches. A modified driveway would provide pull-through contractor loading/unloading capabilities.

Phase 2 would include the addition of a small retail center/checkout point for the garden center operation, a possible greenhouse and other accessory structures for display and storage. Modifications to the existing on-street parking may be required. No changes to the adjacent public parking lot are anticipated. The special use application may be reviewed in the city clerk’s office, 10 N. Public Square.

Second readings on both requests will be held at the next meeting.

Council authorized Parks and Recreation director Greg Anderson to accept a low bid of $86,277 from Electro-Mech for seven scoreboards — six for softball and one for football — as budgeted in the GO bond recreation fund.

In other business, council:

•   Authorized the water department to get permission from Georgia Power to encroach upon their easement in order to get around a drainage structure while working on the Center Road Sewer Upgrade.

• Approved the water department’s request to buy a rebuilt aerator gearbox for $85,000 rather than purchase a new one for $165,890.

•   Authorized Elite Roofing’s bid of $30,616.00 for a roof replacement at the Water Treatment Plant.

The Cartersville City Council will hold a work session on Thursday, April 6 at 6 p.m. followed by a regular meeting at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

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