New mayor, same agenda in Kingston

Newly elected Kingston Mayor Ronald Casey’s first city council meeting was a short one. Other than approval of last meeting’s minutes and the night’s agenda, the single item up for discussion was water — or the lack of it.

In an update to the council, engineer Trent Laird said the city and the owner of White Columns — an events venue formerly known as the Governor’s House — were in discussions to tie into the county water system to meet water pressure specifications demanded by the venue’s insurors in case of an emergency. In addition to working out an agreement, a special valve has to be located to tie into the county system — something Casey noted that “you don’t just find one in the hardware store.”
“In order to utilize this type of system, the city has to have two water tanks,” Laird said. “One to hold the water needed to fight fires and the other to act as a feed to hydrants.
“The county system is located a lot higher than Kingston’s and it has a lot more pressure, so that valve is needed to regulate the pressure because, if it’s too high, an old infrastructure like Kingston’s will burst. But the city needs a source for emergency water to meet the 750 gallons per minute for two hours requirement set by the county. That means about a 60,000-gallon tank.”
“Would it be possible to have an agreement pounded out, a valve located and a set price to install it by next month’s meeting?” Casey asked.
Laird said it is possible provided all involved can reach an agreement.
The Kingston City Council will meet on Monday, Feb. 1, at 6 p.m. for a work session followed by a regular meeting.

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