CCBOE to consider bids for demolition, wireless upgrade

The Cartersville City School Board will consider bids for some demolition work and a wireless upgrade at its meeting Monday night. 

Superintendent Dr. Howard Hinesley will recommend awarding the bid for tearing down the auxiliary gym at the high school to low bidder Cornerstone Demolition in Cartersville for $18,000, pending the receipt of an acceptable bid on March 23 for constructing the new field house.

"We are hopeful to take [the gym] down over spring break, but I want to read you what I'm recommending," he said at Thursday night's work session. "I'm actually recommending that Cornerstone Demolition be given the bid — it's the lowest bid of $18,000 — pending receipt of an acceptable bid for the field house. In other words, if the field house comes in at $25 million, we're not tearing it down."

Two other bids were submitted, $72,000 and $58,000, which Hinesley called "quite a discrepancy."

"The $18,000 is a local [company], and they've done work for us before," he said. "They've done demolition for us and have a good reputation. We're obviously going with them."

Some board members wondered why there was such a huge difference between the low bid and the other two bids, and Hinesley said the two highest bidders weren't local, and "it could be the way they figured disposing of it."

Board member Louise Panter asked if there could be any "unforeseen costs" that the low bidder didn't consider, and Tim Chason said the bid "almost seems to be too good to be true."

Hinesley said Cornerstone has "torn down buildings for us before," and system officials don't have any concerns about the bid because of that history and the company's reputation.

The superintendent also will recommend awarding the bid for a wireless upgrade for the primary, elementary and middle schools to Smartwave Technology in Alpharetta for $75,428, the recommended lowest and best bid.

"If you look at the bids, this is the lowest and best bid, [but] it's not the lowest bid," he said. "The other ones were a different brand, and while they were wireless, it would mean having two different types in the schools, so we're going with the one we currently have for the upgrade."

Smartwave's bid was within the budgeted amount, he added. 

Hinesley will recommend waiving board policy to accept a trade-in offer for the 6-year-old Rationale Combi gas oven at the middle school, which has had issues since it was purchased and is now shooting out fire.

Rationale is offering 50 percent off the retail list price of $31,020, making the cost of the new oven $15,510, compared to the GEC large equipment bid price of $18,364 — a savings of $2,854. 

"We've got an oven that's going to be quite expensive to repair, and we have the opportunity to trade it in and get 50 percent off the value of it in the trade-in and get a reduced cost for bringing in a new one," Hinesley said. 

The superintendent will recommend approving rental requests from the Bartow Family Resource Center in Cartersville for the middle school grounds and parking lot for the 5K Glow Run Saturday, March 24, from 4 to 11 p.m.; Advocates for Children in Cartersville for the primary school grounds and parking lot for a 5K road race fundraiser Saturday, May 12, from 6:30 to 9:30 a.m.; and St. Francis of Assisi in Cartersville for the middle school grounds and parking lot for a Christian concert Saturday, Aug. 25, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

He also will recommend approving an out-of-state fundraiser reward trip for 61 sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students to attend Super Fly in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Monday, March 19.

Board members will recognize Michael Pruitt, a mechanic in the transportation department, as the Matthew Hill-Michael Dean HEARTS Employee of the Month for March. 

Pruitt will receive a $50 gift card to Appalachian Grill from New Frontier of Bartow County Inc. and will have his name added to the perpetual plaque displayed at the school board office.

The board's regular monthly meeting will be Monday at 6 p.m. in the central office board room at 15 Nelson St.

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