Libraries offer food-related events this week

Bartow County’s libraries have some food-related activities planned for this week.

For those who hate Valentine’s Day, the Adairsville Public Library at 202 N. Main St. is hosting an anti-Valentine’s Day party today from 4 to 5:30 p.m.  

“Are you excited when Feb. 14 rolls around? Yeah, neither are we,” says the description on the library system’s website. “Let’s have a great anti-Valentine’s Day party — no hearts or flowers allowed.”

Branch Manager Becky Stiles said she found out about the unique party idea from the Programming Librarian website and “decided to try it.”

“This is the first anti-Valentine’s Day party for me,” she said. “I have seen anti-Valentine’s Day parties at other libraries and thought it’d be fun.”

The party will feature a number of activities for “whoever is tired of Valentine’s Day, basically,” Stiles said.

“We’ll have a ‘punch the heart’ game where people take turns punching through a decorated heart to find either candy or an anti-Valentine’s message,” she said. “We’ll have ‘Cupid’s turn,’ which will be cups decorated with Cupids that we’ll take turns shooting with Nerf guns. We’ll have a game called the conversation heart challenge. We’ll see how many conversation hearts we can throw in the trash, one at a time. I almost forgot the piñata. We have a piñata shaped as a heart that we’ll crack open.”

There also will be anti-Valentine’s Day card crafts.

“We’ve got some blank cards that we’ll decorate with anti-Valentine messages like ‘Meh’ and ‘No thanks,’” Stiles said.

And to enhance the mood, anti-Valentine’s Day music will be played “so there will be no love songs whatsoever,” she added.

Stiles said she “honestly” doesn’t know what kind of turnout to expect, but she wants “something fun and casual.”   

“I don’t really have a limit on people, but we will have limited supplies for the anti-Valentine’s Day card craft,” she said. “I have enough on hand to make 10 to 12 cards. Other than that, we’ll have enough of everything else.”

There is no registration required, “just show up and have a good time,” Stiles added.

For information, call 770-769-9200.

Chocoholics who don’t get their fix on Valentine’s Day will want to participate in the Chocolate Tasting and Trivia Night Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Nathan Dean Meeting Room at the Cartersville Public Library at 429 W. Main St.

The free event will allow adults to sample all kinds of chocolate confections as well as test their sweet-tooth knowledge in a trivia game that will award chocolate-themed prizes.

“We have multiple kinds of chocolate — chili-flavored, my favorite dark-chocolate cookie treat from Germany, caramels, cocoa-dusted chocolates and more,” adult services library assistant Meghan Stipe said.

Winners of the trivia contest will take home “some really awesome chocolate cookbooks with gorgeous photography that were donated by patrons,” Stipe said.

“They are brand-new and would make great coffee-table books,” she said. “I am a little jealous actually. These might be some of my favorite prizes.”

The sweet-treat event was a “collaborative effort” between Stipe and Adult Services Coordinator Nicole Oderisi, according to Stipe.

“I wanted to do something chocolate-related, preferably something that involved eating chocolate,” she said. “Nicole suggested making it a trivia night.”

As they sample each treat, patrons will be told what kind of chocolate it is and where they can buy it, “in case they are interested in getting more,” Stipe said.

There’s no limit on the number of people who can participate in the event, but registration is requested.

“We have quite a few signed up already, and the more, the merrier,” Stipe said. “[Patrons] can register on the day of the event, but please let us know early that day, if possible. We will be making another run to the store that day to pick up more chocolate, if necessary. We want to have plenty of treats to go around.”

To register, call the reference desk at 770-382-4203 or sign up in person.

The Cartersville branch also has a delicious event planned this week for the teens who enjoy cooking.

Young people ages 12 to 18 can learn how to make French toast during February’s Teen Chefs program Thursday from 6 to 7 p.m. in the youth program room.

Youth Services Coordinator Thomas Shalin said French toast was chosen as this month’s dish because it’s “delicious and very easy to make.”

“There isn’t a lot of preparation, and teens could put the ingredients together and make it on their own with no problem,” he said.

Library assistant Tess Lyle will be helping up to 10 young chefs learn how to make the breakfast dish during the drop-in program, Shalin added.

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